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Elf on the Shelf Christmas Survival Kit

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Ready to reclaim your sanity and have some fun with your family this Christmas?

Get ready for an amazing month of holiday cheer and laughter with our Christmas Elf Kit!

 "I LOVE This! Thank you so much!" Heather, an amazing mom

Let's be honest, it can be difficult to come up with clever ideas for your family's elf EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You want to make sure your elf is bringing lots of fun, but you only have so much time and energy.

What if you could FINALLY enjoy this holiday tradition without all the stress and hassle of having to come up with clever ideas?

How would it feel to know EXACTLY what your elf was up to for the entire month, and have all the printables you need in one convenient package?

We get it - that's why we created The Elf on the Shelf Kit!

This all-inclusive printable kit has everything busy parents need to create a fun and memorable holiday season with their children.

Inside you'll find 90+ Pages, including:
- A printable introduction letter from your elf introducing him/herself and the rules of The Elf on the Shelf
- 16 Printable elf notes with corresponding activities for your child
- 8 printable elf jokes
- 8 printable lunchbox notes
- 8 acts of kindness challenge cards
- Elf report card
- Adoption certificate
- Toy donation letters
- Return letters for every night
- Elf on the Shelf Twister board game prop
- Printable Christmas games
- Printable mad libs, color by numbers, and other fun learning sheets
- Response letters from Santa
- Printable letters to Santa -Goodbye letters from your elf Naught & Nice letters

And more!

Imagine having all the printables, activities, and ideas you need to make your elf's visit special for you kids.

And when you buy your own Christmas Elf Kit, you don't have to worry about coming up with new elf ideas each day - just pick one of the printables from the kit and you're all set!

You will also receive free updates via email so you can stay up-to-date on any new additions or add-ons to this kit.

So don't let this Christmas season turn into a stressful mess - grab your kit and start your elf fun today!

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